One of the least used product, hair cream aren’t really used in the morning. However, in certain situations, it definitely has its place. The feature of hair styling creams is it generally less clumpy and is lighter when compared to hair wax. You should use Hair styling creams when you are trying to obtain some control over your hair while looking completely natural.

Steps to use: apply a small amount over your hand and glide it over the area you need control over haircuts for women over 50. Most people also use creams as a finishing touch after applying wax or pomade

Which type should use this: Thin to thick hair, curly hair and suitable for all lengths

3. Finishing Products

Finishing products such as hair spray should only be used if you want absolute control over every strand of hair. It is usually not needed but are essential for detailing which is common in the modelling industry. Hair sprays are usually a great essential product to use to lock in the look for the day. Go easy though as it can be easy to get carried away with spraying. Applying a short burst is usually sufficient to maintain the look for the entire day.

Steps to use: after you are satisfied with your look. Give a few short burst about 12 inches away from your hair to achieve a good spread.

Which type should use this: All types and all lengths.

The mid length hair style offers many options for styling that include totally different looks. Adding all over curls, or flat ironing the hair super straight can completely change the look of the same exact hair style. Consider the following styles, partial up do, ponytail up do,all over wavy and all over straight hair styles as options for your next look.

Partial Up Do – This style features a portion of the hair in the crown area pulled back into a ponytail. Height can be added to hair in the crown area by gently back-combing small sections of hair before smoothing over the top with your fingers. A higher crown area creates a more formal look for the style. Add decorative hair pins to hair on the sides to keep hair in place and also add some color to your look.

For a variation of the partial up do, leave out some wispy long strands of hair around the face and pin curl them. The waves and looseness of the style will create a more romantic, formal look suitable for occasions such as weddings, proms or graduation ceremonies.


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