The purpose of this article to all readers is only to entertain, show the true side of Indian society that exists in today’s India, explaining the difference between fiction and reality and not to hurt the sentiments of anyone who is a part of television serials.

In India, regional language channels on TV (television) are becoming very popular and youth are drawn towards it in great numbers. Television serials are also becoming popular and have been able to make its place among common masses positively. Though characters shown in TV serials are fictional and can’t be compared in real life situation people are identifying them by pouring them fully into it mentally.

There are some funny things shown in some of the family driven daily soaps on biggboss ful episode TV which make people laugh, cry, angry, restless, confuse, over-curious, and make them stay in the state of expectancy about what will happen next?

Many youth (girls mainly) along with housewives are seen discussing TV serials and its characters wholeheartedly among fellow friends as their favorite pastime. People take pleasure discussing the characters in detail and come to a conclusion about fictional characters or label them good or bad according to their understanding level. They righteously discuss about what their favorite character should have done in the particular scene, how right or wrong he or she is, what he or she or they must do now etc. Hatred towards negative characters in daily soaps in the form of verbal abuses with weird facial expressions has also been observed among common masses (viewers).

Entertainment on TV in any form is entertaining people greatly. Out of so many factors shown in TV serials only some which are truly entertaining and worth to be discussed are mentioned in this article.

I love you and feeling shy factors:

Seeing ‘I love you’ said by a husband to his wife for years in regional TV serials, women especially housewives find funny and unrealistic. Many times in these serials husbands are seen to say ‘I Love You’ to their wives for several years. Many housewives in India when come together socially talk about this ‘I love you’ sentence used by an actor (husband) to the actress (wife). Housewives usually laugh about it and discuss such things positively as well as negatively. Let’s look at the following stuff shown in the TV serial: A rich woman gets married into a wealthy family.


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