False Confidence: a beta male will heavily rely on creating a facade of being confident. They do this by portraying a persona they consider to be ‘cool,’ tough or attractive to others… simply for the sake of receiving validation (see below). You see, a beta male is a man that has not yet figured out who he really is, has no ambition to finding out or has found out and has fled like a scared child.

Majority of their confidence originates out of deception, falsehoods, and misconstrued or twisted beliefs about oneself, i.e., delusions of grandeur; narcissism. Everything about a beta male is heavily attached to their ego (which is constantly in a fragile state-but they will never let that show). Hence, the creation of personas… characters they portray. This in turn is why many imitate those they admire and see as what they would like to be, to which majority are (not so surprisingly) hip-hop and rap stars.

This also explains why the Inverted Beta Male appears to avoid conversation with people in public social settings, or has difficulty talking to women and people in general (including being awkward while at work). His ego cannot take the rejection of a woman he wants to get to know and so he want use Vidhigra male enhancement,
‘boring’ upon his approach (rather than just being himself and letting it emit from him like an attraction magnet).

Please note that this is completely different than what a male considered to be an Introvert experiences. One of the popular and commonly accepted defining traits of an introvert is that they are not confident.

Which is not so absolute as many would think. Introverts simply are not in need of social interactions to feel important, accepted or for some form of validation. Yes there are those that possess a lack of social confidence but this is not the rule, but the exception to being an introvert.


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