The Leupold GX series are known for their elegant and beautiful design. They are small, light, and fit perfectly into the palm of your hand. Compact, accurate, and easy to use is the pedigree that Leupold has built with the GX series. The GX series offers quality and will last for many years due to its good build and the quality it represents.

The Leupold brand of GX perfect golf rangefinder have been endorsed by the professional tour caddies’ association of the US, and are a highly popular tool among PGA tournament caddies due to many reasons. The laser technology of Leupold was customized carefully to create a series of rangefinders that are easy to use anywhere, highly durable, and extremely accurate.

The GX series is built around the laser range finder concept which is what makes them so accurate and effective when it comes to measuring distance. The digital aspect comes into play when you add extra features to a laser range finder. In the case of the Leupold GX series they have used the “digital” in the name in terms of marketing to capture a larger audience. The truth is that most high end laser range finders have features that require “digital” aspects that simply work with the basic laser features to maximize the potential of the range finder.

Leupold GX-4

Considering all of the other Leupold golf rangefinders, it’s no doubt that the GX-4 is their best model, but the real question is why? How much more do you really get for your money?

First let’s see how the Leupold GX-4 Digital Golf Rangefinder measures up on the course.

More experienced golfers have found that the club selector function was not necessary, and is best suited for beginning golfers. When you have developed a feel for the strength needed for each shot, club selector recommendations can be a distraction. One additional point to take into consideration is that as intelligent as the GX-4 is, it still cannot detect wind conditions or green conditions that you will need to take into account while playing. It has also been suggested that to get better distance readings, it’s helpful to lean on something to steady your hand. If your hand shakes too much, it will easily disturb the rangefinder’s readings.

Most users agree that there is no question of how useful the GX-4 is in any environment, whether wet, sunny, or foggy, as well as how durable and well constructed the body is.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of this advanced rangefinder is that you can generally use it during official golf tournaments, as long as you remove the yellow smart key faceplate in order to deactivate the inclinometer, true golf range, and club selector functions. You could almost think of the yellow faceplate as a “visual warning” to judges that you have got competitive insider’s information at hand!

(A word of caution: it is important to verify your GX-4 rangefinder beforehand with officials to ensure it is acceptable, as there is no guarantee that without the smart key it would still be accepted in EVERY tournament. Different tournaments may have different criteria that may be subject to change.)


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