But, please don’t deny the importance of these two elements–tones and PinYin! Once you accept them and embrace them, you really will be off to the races! Not only that, but you will feel the wind in your hair and the invigorating thrill of exercising your own skills to a degree you never thought possible!

Mandarin doesn’t have to be hard unless you let it! Time has shown again and again that the principles of mastering Chinese tones From the moment “Pursuing Your Destiny” opens, the reader feels like he is watching a vivid movie, beginning with the dramatic events of 9/11 that Michelle Rosado experienced. Michelle was in Tower Two when the first plane hit Tower One, and so her dramatic journey on that historic and terrifying day began, a day that had been prophesied for her, that she had even had a vision about, never knowing quite what it meant until then.

Like a good movie flashback, following the dramatic opening of “Pursuing Your Destiny,” the reader is then carried back into Michelle’s past as a child of divorce and her visit to a sage who foresaw her escaping from death. Michelle’s future husband Randy also tells his story of growing up in New York, his anger issues and the many fights he got into as a young man, and eventually how he became an entrepreneur. Destined to become soul mates, Randy and Michelle would come together as a result of the 9/11 events and soon share a life together.

“Pursuing Your Destiny” has drama, excitement, conflict, and romance-and best of all, it is a true story of two lives that overcame all odds. Nor is the attack on the World Trade Center the end of the story. Randy and Michelle describe their lives together, alternating their points of view in the book, to describe their marriage and their lives as business partners. From working together in the corporate world to founding their own business, from retail stores in Palm Beach to operating a pizzeria with a shady business partner who wants to be on a Reality TV show, Randy and Michelle dig deep into their souls to find the strength to stay true to their marriage and to themselves. This book is not about the horrible terrorist attacks so much as it is about how to build a life, a business, and a relationship.

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