I arose toward the beginning of today to a couple of midnight writings streaming in. I was sleeping far before the midnight hour and woke this New Year’s morning pondering of a fitting message to convey in a blog. As I looked through my IPhone, I saw two polarizing writings that promptly lit up my contemplations on the New Year, yet in addition put into point of view the leaving out of the past. The two messages couldn’t have been so obvious in their message, viewpoint, and disclosure to my life and to the lives of such a large number of individuals living on the planet today.

My first content was from a colleague, an advisor and study accomplice from the past who neither knew me completely, nor played what I would think about a basic part in my life. However thinking back, I understood this individual had helped me in a desperate hour, and thought enough about me to keep in touch with me a content wishing me well in my up and coming year. The content read “I am wishing and imploring that you have a favored and prosperous year in 2019.” Nothing notable, nor endearingly wistful, only a strong, heart felt trust starting with one minding individual then onto the next. Presently unbeknownst to the sender, this little reference point of light would turn into a splendid shaft in the outline of my previous years and the kept introducing of the present. Happy New year Wishes Images A strict meaningful message of New Year’s determination, in correlation with the unfilled, empty content I read straightaway.

My second content was one from a mysterious sender. Not that they were purposefully endeavoring to be covered in mystery, however one may imagine that subsequent to perusing the content. No, this individual was somebody from my past. An un-named individual not enrolled in my telephone, no face to review from years gone past, left out from my present reality, yet at the same time conveying electronically as such huge numbers of can, and do, and will at minutes, for example, these. This individual was a nebulous vision, a representative similitude for everything deserted. The content read “Wish u harmony, love and wellbeing. Yakkity yak f*uck that sh*t. I wish u heaps of sex, liquor, climaxes and trust u win the f*cking lottery! Happy NYE!”


As such a significant number of wake up hung over from a night out on the town, cash blown, just the same old thing new picked up, I provoke you to consider where your life is going. What are your wishes for yourself in 2010? Is it accurate to say that you are the individual that can aggregate up their wishes by content #1, or would you say you are to a greater degree a content #2 sort of individual? Do a great many people you consider companions consider life to be a basic condition of cash, sex, medications, and shake n roll, continually looking to extinguish the thirst of self satisfying dry spell? Or then again would you say you are encompassed with those that implore and favor your scan for wellbeing and wholeness? Which sort of individual would you say you are and which sort of individual would you like to be? What is essential to you as you walk forward in 2019?


Before we discuss why goals don’t work and examine a superior elective that works 80% better, Let’s take a gander at the 10 most basic goals.

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