Another label requirement that often causes confusion is when a product states it is a “dietary supplement.” When people see the term dietary supplement, they sometimes think it is for dieting, but every supplement is crazy bulk as a dietary supplement and it has nothing to do with dieting or weight loss. The only thing it means is the item is not a natural whole food. The dietary supplement term is basically used to distinguish between foods, which are regulated by the FDA, and supplements, which are not regulated by the FDA.

These types of regulations and other messages from the government or the drug industry have greatly contributed to people believing that supplements are useless and just a scam. Some definitely are a scam, such as those saying things like, “take this pill and have a great body without changing what you eat or exercising.” Fortunately, enough quality scientific research has now been done to show that some supplements can significantly benefit your health and fitness so fewer people are adamantly opposed to supplements and more people are willing to use supplements.

On a personal note, I have used supplements for about as long as I can remember, although I take significantly less than I did 10 years ago. I believe most people can probably benefit from at least one or two supplements, but there are also many people who take too many supplements. As their name implies, supplements are meant to be an addition to your regular nutritional program, basically to fill in things that are lacking from the foods you eat, but they should not be thought of as a replacement for eating healthy.

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