The new BMW 5-series (BMW F10) aims to change or better yet – revolutionize the limousine sedan concept. At first sight, you can’t help notice that the new 5-series BMW has a much better design that the previous generation 5-series. The design is classic, elegant and dynamic at the same time and it looks like it’s inspired from the famous 5-series E39 model of the 90’s which some say it’s the most lovedĀ BMW Car Prices in Pakistan and appreciated 5-series generation.

The new 5-series offers a wide range of engine options, such as the 8-cylinder engine, three 6-cylinder gasoline engines, two diesel engines and one turbo-diesel 4-cylinder engine. The most powerful is the 8-cylinder engine which will power the BMW 550i and benefits from BMW’s TwinPower Turbo and High Precision Injection technologies for a maximum power of 407 hp. The most efficient is the 4-cylinder turbo-diesel which powers the 520d and promises a fuel consumption of 5 liters per 100 kilometers while offering 184 hp.

The 6-cylinder diesel engines offer 258 hp for the 530d and 204 hp for the 525d BMW.

Transmission options include the new, 8-speed BMW automatic transmission as well as the standard 6-speed manual gearbox.

The interior features an elegant design and has certain similarities with the 7-series. The dashboard is driver oriented which guarantees an unique driving experience, which is definitive for a BMW.

The new 5-series comes with new technologies such as Surround View which assists the driver, Collision Warning – a new speed limiting technology, Lane Change and Lange Departure Warning, the now-usual HUD (Head-Up Display) and the BMW Night Vision system.

The BMW 5-series’ price on the European market starts at 40,000 EUR in Germany for the 520d version and can go as high as 70,000 EUR for the 550i version.


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