Stevia products made from the highly commercialized and processed compound of Stevia will say “stevia,” “stevia extract,” “rebiana,” “Reb A,” or “Reb-A.”

Stevia products that contain these ingredients, “stevia Leaf,” “Stevia Rebaudiana,” or “Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni,” are made from the What is the healthiest alternative to sugar? original Stevia extract (Steviol glycosides) which includes all the Stevia compounds in their natural state using only water extraction process.

Truvia™: erythritol, rebiana and natural flavors
Pure Via™:dextrose, isomaltulose, cellulose powder, Reb A and natural flavors
Stevia in the Raw (individual packets): Dextrose and Stevia Extract (Rebiana)
Stevia in the Raw: Maltodextrin and Stevia Extract (Rebiana)
Sun Crystalsâ: pure cane sugar, stevia.
Stevita™ Spoonable™: Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni extract (leaves) and Erythritol.
SweetLeafâ Sweetener™: Inulin soluble fiber, Stevia leaf extract
Planetary Herbals Stevia Powder: Stevia Leaf (finely ground)
Kal Pure Stevia Extract: Stevia Extract (Stevia rebaudiana) (leaf)
Now Certified Organic Stevia Extract: Certified Organic Stevia Extract Powder (Stevia rebaudiana)(Leaf)

There is a general rule of thumb that highly refined foods are not as healthy, and many say they are proven to be unhealthy. Now consider that bulking agents are just highly refined fermented corn products which comprise the main ingredient in many of the new Stevia sweeteners. Also, I believe it’s highly likely that millions of Americans are sensitive to corn, and/or fermented products, just like me and several of my friends. That’s why I lost five pounds after switching Stevia products, inflammation caused by food sensitivities to fermented foods caused my body to retain extra water.

So, when I consider the above factors, it is my decision to only buy the natural Stevia extract (Steviol glycosides) that has been extracted with water and may or may not be bulked with natural fiber. Further, I choose to adapt my habits so that I use the finely ground Stevia leaves themselves as often as possible. If you have a green thumb, then consider growing Stevia to use in it’s original form. I had a salad once with fresh Stevia leaves and it was a real treat.

One last tidbit for you to consider is that certain doctors that I trust all agree that anyone with a blood sugar problem should avoid all sugars, and all sweeteners too. This will give your body time to heal, and give it a chance to regulate sugar appropriately. I myself have a blood sugar issue. When I use the finely ground Stevia leaves in my coffee, my sweet cravings are immediately quinced and after a couple days they are greatly reduced as well.

I hope I have helped you to navigate the sea of new Stevia products. My best wishes go out to you on your personal journey and discovery.

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